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Elusive Imagination, Delivered
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My Brush With Death

Yesterday, I had a lovely walk in West Cordova Street, Vancouver, when I stumbled upon these two Raggedy Ann dolls. There were displayed in front of a florist store I believe and for a moment, I froze solid. Looking at them reminded me of the horror film, The Conjuring, which came out last year.


If you happened to have seen the movie, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Basically, a small portion of the film is about this doll called Annabelle that had been possessed by an inhuman spirit (or demon) and it started causing problems when the owners weren’t home. The doll left cryptic notes, kept changing its pose, mysteriously shift places, and many other supernatural occurrences.

The scary part of this whole thing is that it was based on a story. Apparently, the owner of the doll called two demonologists, Ed and Lorraine Warren, who were able to identify the problem and they kept the doll in a safe place – away from harm and danger. The Annabelle doll looks different in the movie for dramatic purposes but the image above is exactly what the original doll looked like. You can find out more about it in this article or this video:

Anyway, back to my story. As soon as I saw these two dolls, I immediately walked away and never looked back. I don’t think I can see a raggedy ann doll, or any other dolls, the same way ever again.


Happy New Year!

2014 is finally here.

May the door of opportunities will go wider
May fate be kinder
May the ups outweigh the downs
May the music industry will go back to its roots
May happiness and love find their way to all of us

And may 2014 be a remarkable year


Bring Back The Good Music

I was browsing YouTube earlier today when I discovered this particular music video by ATC. I heard it once and now the song’s stuck in my head all day. I immediately downloaded the song, put it into my iPod and started walking around the streets with the repeat mode on. It didn’t get tired of it.

I miss 80’s and 90’s music so much. There were so pure, harmonious, beautiful and catchy. This music video in particular has those elements to it and I find it so lovely. It’s not just Pop music I’m talking about. I’m also referring to Alternative, Rock, Metal, Dance and Ballads. God, I miss Pop/ Rock Ballads. What happened to them? It’s not like today’s mainstream music. Nowadays it’s about being famous and being noticed. New artists focus so much on the image and sex that they put very little emphasis on the music itself. At least that’s how I see it. I don’t find them appealing in any way – the music is so bland and the singers don’t really sing. They wail.

Ok, maybe this particular music video isn’t the best reference but generally speaking, the music of the 90’s and earlier were the greatest in my opinion. But don’t get me wrong. There do exist some terrific songs on today’s radio but not a whole lot. This song by Amy Macdonald in particular is one of those good new songs.

Maybe someday I will talk about music then and now in greater detail. For now, I pray and hope that the music industry will come to their senses and will start producing good music in 2014.


Dave Rapoza Artwork

I love Dave Rapoza. His artwork is just out of this world. So inspiring and breathtaking. It’s my dream to produce drawings like these and so therefore I’m aiming to brush up my art real soon. Hopefully by the end of 2014 my artwork will be as near as Rapoza’s.


It’s Good To Be Back!

It’s been a long time since I’ve made an update in my blog. Been very busy with stuff but now that I’ve got most of it out of the way, I can now continue blogging and sharing stuff. Hope you’re looking forward to the next update as much as I am. Later!

Doom: Post Mortem

I found this really cool video about the making of Doom, a game created by id Software. It was presented by co-creators John Romero and Tom Hall. Definitely a must watch to all fans and game designers alike.


Kara by Quantic Dream

I was watching a video this morning and it blew me away. I was at awe at how amazing the quality is and the way it’s presented. It was made by Quantic Dream, a gaming company best known for deep storytelling and capturing people’s emotions. Games like Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain proved that fact and if you haven’t played any of them yet, I highly recommend it.

Anyway, this short clip was posted yesterday and it made a huge impression to every game community out there. Apparently, it’s not teaser for an upcoming game but more of a concept video to demonstrate the capability of today’s graphics and to also showcase the power of the PlayStation 3, which is what this video is based on. I sincerely hope it will be made into a video game because as a gamer and game researcher, I’d play it.

The highlight of this presentation is Kara, who is an advanced cyborg with advanced AI and capable of showing realistic emotions. Her facial expression is absolutely amazing. It’s realistic and spectacular in every way. I’m not sure if Quantic Dream uses the traditional motion capture or a more advanced approach (like Rockstar Games’ LA Noire) but Whatever it is, it looks amazing.

As a postgraduate in novel interfaces in gaming, I’m absolutely intrigued by its visuals and the way it captured the emotion and intensity of the titled character. It’s like Wall-E, Bicentennial Man and Stephen Spielberg’s A.I. combined but more spectacular. Kara moved me and I sympathized to what she went through. The video reminded me of what I was working on with the Emotiv headset last year and I thought about the possibility of working on a project based on Kara.

I’m hoping that based on the positive reaction from the press and the public, Quantic Dream would push this concept further by making it into an actual video game. I don’t want to ruin the experience anymore so if you haven’t seen the video yet, here it is. Do let me know what you think by posting your comments below. Cheers!